Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop

Gilda knows how to maneuver her way into just the experience she wants. This time, she’s fudged on her age just a little to get accepted as a summer intern at The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. (This is a real place you can visit!) She is 14 and eleven months if you want to be picky about it. What’s one more month?

If you haven’t read any of Gilda’s other adventures, you should know that she is an experienced psychic investigator and she loves to spy and solve msyteries. Sometimes, she solves mysteries by paying attention to dead people!

Gilda says, “I decided I would learn everything I could about surveillance techniques, living undercover, and the art of disguise – all the tradecraft used by professional spies. …I admit it: I expected to impress the experts on the Spy Museum staff. After all, who could be better at discovering secrets than a young psychic spy?” She also gets a firsthand look at cool spy gadgets and meets some real spies!

What Gilda doesn’t count on is the number of ghosts that seem to be haunting our nation’s capitol, and in particular the Spy Museum itself! She also discovers that she’s in the spy capitol of the U.S. If she’s spying on everybody else, aren’t they also spying on her?

I have always liked Gilda, an independent thinking, curious, gutsy girl who goes with her instincts.  I think this is my favorite of her adventures so far. She isn’t making this stuff up – she lives her dream!

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Talk the Talk Word of the Day: Drop – A location people use to exchange information. One person leaves information in a certain place for another person to pick up. This way, the two people are not seen together.

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