Heroes of the Valley

Heroes of the Valley

Heroes of the Valley

Halli Sveinsson lives in Medieval times (warrior/knights, castles, sword fighting) in a valley divided into 12 family groups, or Houses, each descended from one of 12 heroes who long ago fought the troll-like Trows and drove them out of the valley. The 12 Houses share a peaceful existence in the valley gathering once a year to trade stories and brag about their own Hero’s bravery and strength. Each House is sure their Hero is the best one.

Halli lives in the House of Svein and he’s tired of living in his older brother’s shadow. He’s so bored he makes his own adventures playing pranks on unsuspecting family members. He can’t wait for the once a year Gathering that is just a few days away – at last something exciting will be happening!

During the Gathering, one of Halli’s pranks goes bad, setting in motion a series of events that reignites a feud between Houses that has been lying dormant for generations. Now a futigive, Halli is on the run for his life. He finds a hiding place in the House of Arne where Aud – a girl he met at the Gathering, lives. Wanting some excitement of her own, Aud joins Halli and his pursuit of adventure and glory. But glory has a price when these two unsuspecting heroes find themselves the new leaders in a fight to keep their valley and the people they care about safe. Author: Jonathon Stroud (he wrote The Bartimaeus Trilogy)

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