The Magic Thief & The Magic Thief: Lost

The Magic Thief & The Magic Thief: Lost

The Magic Thief

Conn is an orphan surviving the best he can picking locks, thieving and picking pockets. One night, he picks the pocket of the powerful wizard, Neverly Flinglas. Conn gets the wizard’s locus magicalicus, a stone that is the center of the magician’s power. Nevery isn’t mad that Conn tried to pick his pocket, he’s astonished that touching the magic stone didn’t kill Conn. No one else is supposed to be able to touch a wizard’s stone. Intrigued, Nevery takes on Conn as a servant and when Conn shows he indeed has a mysterious and powerful attraction to magic and magical things, Neverly makes him his apprentice.

The two of them get caught up in a magical investigation when Neverly is hired to figure out why magic is draining away from their city. This story has it all: wizards, a power hungry crime boss, friends, enemies, spying & betrayal. Nevery and Conn are both great characters. Neverly is grouchy and stern, but Conn is so endearing, smart and funny he manages to weasel his way straight into Nevery’s heart…although Neverly would never admit it.  Author: Sarah Prineas


Great reading in league with Harry Potter, Septimus Heap and The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

The Magic Thief Trilogy:

#1 The Magic Thief on CD or Downloadable eBook
#2 The Magic Thief: Lost on CD or Downloadable eBook
#3 The Magic Thief: Found

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