Sisters Grimm: The Everafter War

Sisters Grimm: The Everafter War

The Everafter War

If you haven’t tried any of The Sisters Grimm series, I’ll fill you in a little. Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sisters who find out The Grimm Brother stories are actually a history of all the crimes committed by fairy tale characters. The girls are part of a long line of detectives from the Grimm family whose job it is to investigate the fairy tale crimes. In each book the girls do some sleuthing to figure out which fairy tale characters have been behaving badly.

In Book Seven, The Everafter War, things are really heating up in Ferryport Landing. Prince Charming is gathering an Everafter Army to protect the city from the mysterious “Master” who threatens to use an army of his own made up of evil fairy tale characters.

As the story begins, Sabrina and Daphne’s parents wake up from a sleeping spell. Everybody is happy for about 5 minutes…until the girls’ Dad and their Grandmother disagree about whether the two girls should be involved in the “family business”. What their Dad doesn’t understand is that he has been asleep for a couple years – the girls are already up to their eyeballs in the growing conflict and already in danger.

All the Grimms, Dad included, are caught up in the conflict when The Prince organizes the rebels to make a final stand against their deadly enemy. Who exactly is “The Master” and what does he/she hope to accomplish? It can’t be anything good. (And you won’t believe who it is!)

There is a whole bunch of these in the Sisters Grimm series. The author says he hopes to write 9 or 10…no news yet on when #8 might come out.

#1 The Fairy-Tale Detectives (This one is a bonus book – 30 points!)
#2 The Unusal Suspects
#3 The Problem Child
#4 Once Upon a Crime
#5 Magic and Other Misdemeanors
#6 Tales from the Hood
#7 The Everafter War

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  1. This series is my absalute favorite! I love the adventure and you never really know who the bad guy is and it always is the person you trusted! I can’t wait for number 8! I think this was a GREAT idea for a children’s book!

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