The Mystery of Martello Tower

The Mystery of Martello Tower

The Mystery of Martello Tower

Hazel and Ned live in an apartment in the city with their dad, an art dealer. They have just finished school and are looking forward to sleeping in and hanging out with nothing important to do. Then, their dad mysteriously leaves the country without saying goodbye and their apartment is burglarized. The thieves take everything from their father’s office and nothing else. Weird.

The kids decide their only choice is to contact their dad’s brother to see if they can stay with him for awhile, but when they arrive, they find that he too is out of town…but his house isn’t empty, it’s full of cousins Hazel and Ned didn’t even know existed!

The questions just keep piling up as the cousins reveal to Hazel and Ned things about their family they never knew. Then some creepy guys show up that Hazel and Ned are sure have ties to their father and the reason he left town so fast. It’s up to all the cousins to use their heads and unravel each mystery, even those mysteries that have been hidden within their family for years. There’s a castle and secret passages and cryptic messages – all the pieces for a fun and exciting mystery.

  • Look Inside The Mystery of the Martello Tower
  • Jennifer Lanthier Official Website
  • Wikipedia: Martello Towers (These are a type of lookout tower or fort used in previous centuries, mostly in Europe, for defense.)

This is the first book in a series from Canada called A Hazel Frump Adventure. The next two are called The Legend of the Lost Jewels and The Secret of the Standing Stones.

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