The Books of Umber: Happenstance Found

The Books of Umber: Happenstance Found

Happenstance Found

A boy wakes up in a dark cave, confused. He doesn’t know where he is or even who he is. Three people mysteriously appear to lead him to safety. The leader of the three is Lord Umber, an explorer, inventor and adventurer who studies all things mysterious and magical. He gives the boy a name, Happenstance, or Hap for short.

As the group heads to Lord Umber’s home, they discover unusual things about Hap besides his startlingly green eyes. For one, he never sleeps. Ever. He can see in the dark and he can jump high…Superman high.

How did Lord Umber know where to find Hap? Does Lord Umber know who and what Hap is? Lord Umber seems to be trying to solve the mystery of where Hap came from, but at the same time, he keeps deep secrets about himself.

Lord Umber and Hap are only the beginning of the great characters you meet in this book. Try the creepy villain who is after Hap. Naturally this guy’s name is “The Creep.” He has a multitude of eyes. He has stolen them from unsuspecting animals and people. His knees bend in the wrong direction…like a bird. You also meet Nima, captain of the Leviathan Barge, a ship/submarine carried on the back of a huge sea creature. And living in the walls of Lord Umber’s castle is Thimble, a fierce warrior that is only a few inches tall.

All of these mysterous and magical elements begin a really original and exciting new adventure series. There will be more – Happenstance Found is just the beginning.

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