Skeleton Creek

Skeleton Creek

Skeleton Creek

Ryan is stuck at home recovering from a broken leg. This is his journal. Ryan is keeping the journal because something scary has happened and writing in the journal helps him deal with his lingering fear.

Despite the accident and the broken leg, Ryan and his best friend Sarah Fincher are determined to investigate the strange things that happen in their hometown of Skeleton Creek.  The two friends have been forbidden to see each other – they get into too much trouble when they are together. But they find a way to keep in touch through secert e-mail messages.

Sarah is still out looking for clues.  She sends Ryan video clips of her ongoing investigation. As you read Ryan’s journal, he tells you when Sarah has sent him a new video. He gives you the url and password you need to go on the internet and watch the video. (You can really do this – her videos are really there on the internet.) Sarah’s video clips are pretty creepy and Ryan sounds very scared in his journal. Going back and fourth between the book and the videos draws you in to their experience and why they feel so unsettled about what they have discovered.

Ryan and Sarah have uncovered something important in Skeleton Creek…and the adults don’t want to talk about it.  Author: Patrick Carman Series: Skeleton Creek

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  1. All my friends are saying its amazing. I need a link to read it online. Can someone share me one??

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