Found A plane makes an unscheduled landing at an airport. There is no record of it landing, not even radar images. No airport personnel seem to know where the plane came from or who could be on it. The cockpit windows are dark. The plane just sits on the runway with no passengers getting off. Finally, an airline employee looks in the plane and discovers that each seat is occupied…by a baby…and there are no adults on board…not even a pilot!

Fast forward 13 years to friends Jonah and Chip who begin receiving mysterious warnings in the mail that say “You are one of the missing” and “Beware! They’re coming back to get you.” What do the letters mean? With the help of Jonah’s sister, the boys set out to find the story of their past. Using computers and cell phones the kids follow clues and learn that their adoptions are somehow tied to the FBI. The warning letters keep coming. People the kids talk to about their situation seem to appear and disappear out of nowhere.

This is a really exciting, original adventure/mystery. Don’t think you’ll get all the answers at the end either – Found is just the beginning. Author: Margaret Haddix Series: The Missing

If you like Margaret Haddix, try her series The Shadow Children. If you are reading The 39 Clues – Margaret Haddix will be the author writing the last book, #10, that will come out in 2010. If you haven’t tried the 39 Clues yet, start with book #1 The Maze of Bones.

Find out more about Chip and Jonah in book #2 Sent and book #3 Sabotaged or try one of these other time-bending adventures:
Sent Sabotaged The Tomorrow Code When You Reach Me
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