The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy

The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy

The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy

Sisters Franny and Zo and their brother J.D. find themselves being admitted to an exclusive boarding school called the Allbright Academy. Only Zo really qualified but she refuses to attend unless her brother and sister can go too. That’s how bad the Academy wants to recruit Zo.

The school’s buildings and grounds are like a picture postcard, the food is exceptional and the school makes chocolate brownies available throughout the day. The kids at the school are smart, beautiful and dedicated to their studies. They are also overly nice. What could be better?

When Franny’s new friend Calpurnia gets sick and has to rest at home for a few weeks, she discovers something troubling. At home, she doesn’t seem nearly as bright or beautiful.  Something weird is definately going on. Is the Allbright Academy THAT good? What could the Allbright Academy be doing to makes its students so perfect?

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  1. I might read this book, Im in the need for a new book while im waiting for Son of Neptune to come out. 😀

  2. I have this book now i got it from my school library even though im not finish yet the book is good!

  3. anybody have cliff notes? I have to read 3 more mark twains before tommorow! we have to do marktwain tests at our school and if we don’t read them some kids get kicked out 🙁 please help

  4. OMG……… There is a first book… and my fav character is Brooklyn…… I can’t believe the end……..I like when they’re hiking and Cal becomes unconcious

  5. this book is very mysterious it doesn’t tell you why they’re perfect untill the end

  6. ok thanks! have anyone heard of this book When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead? i been waiting to read that!

  7. While you are waiting for a third one, you might like the Kari and Lucas Mysteries. Kari’s mom writes for a teen magazine. The girls get to travel all over the world with her where they find mysteries to solve. Put “kari and lucas” in the blog search and the two books will come up. The Mystery of the Third Lucretia and Rescuing Seneca Crane. Like the Allbright Academy, these are modern girls in a modern world with cell phones and texting – Nancy Drew in the 21st Century.

  8. Actually, The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy IS a second book. The first book is called The Mysterious Matter of I.M. Fine and it came out in 2001. In the first one, Fran and her friend notice that a popular series of horror books, kind of like Goosebumps,seems to be making people who read the books act really weird. They of course set out to find out why. Maybe someday Diane Stanley will write a third one.

  9. this book is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this book


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