Chet Gecko, From Russia with Lunch

Chet Gecko, From Russia with Lunch

From Russia With LunchChet Gecko, 4th grade lizard private eye, can’t resist a mystery. He asks questions wherever he goes. “…if Number 2 pencils are so popular why are they still Number 2?” But on this day, a mystery lands at his feet where he least expects it, in his school library. The school principal and a mysterious Russian guest unveil an amazing machine, the Bibliomalgamator that will do all the work in the library. Tell it what you like to read and the machine spits out a book right into your hands. This means Chet’s favorite teacher, the school librarian Cool Beans, is out of a job. Then things really get weird when the class teacher’s pet starts disrupting class and shouting things like “Make Me, Teach!” Kindergartners are beating up sixth graders and Chet’s best friend suddenly won’t talk to him anymore. There are too many mysteries to count, but as always, Chet is on the case. Author: Bruce Hale

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