Death in the Air

Death in the Air

Death in the AirThe Boy Sherlock Holmes series tells the story of the childhood of the world’s most famous detective. In his first adventure, Eye of the Crow, we met Sherlock as a very young boy as he solved his first big case and committed his life to fighting crime.

In this second adventure, Sherlock witnesses a famous trapeze artist fall to his death. Sherlock observes that something isn’t right at the crime scene and suspects foul play. Again, Sherlock is a step ahead of the bobbies (police), especially Scotland Yard’s Inspector Lestrade, who dislikes the upstart boy detective and took all of the credit for the last mystery Sherlock solved.

Sherlock is determined to figure things out by observing the crime scene and talking to people. He is so totally committed to his life of crime fighting that he can hardly concentrate on anything else. This makes him a top notch detective, but not so great at making and keeping friends. When Inspector Lestrade betrays him again, young Sherlock cements his desire to be the best detective in the world… and to work alone. His plan is to outsmart them all and turn himself into the best crime-fighting machine anybody has every seen. And he’ll do it too – his 3rd case, Vanishing Girl, comes out in October, 2009. Author: Shane Peacock

Series: The Boy Sherlock Holmes

#1 The Eye of the Crow on Downloadable eBook
#2 Death in the Air
#3 The Vanishing Girl
#4 The Secret Friend
#5 The Dragon Turn

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