Alec Flint: The Nina, the Pinta & the Vanishing Treasure

Alec Flint: The Nina, the Pinta & the Vanishing Treasure

The Nina, the Pinta and the Vanishing TreasureAlec Flint doesn’t go anywhere without his detective tools stuffed into his pockets. Alec doesn’t want to be just any detective, he wants to be a really great detective – a super sleuth. He likes hanging out with his Dad, a police officer, so he can learn about investigations. When artifacts from the Christopher Columbus museum exhibit his Dad is guarding come up missing, Alec pulls out his notepad and gets to work collecting clues.

At school, another mystery develops when Alec’s art teacher disappears. With so many mysterious things going on, Alec decides to take on his classmate Gina as a partner. Two heads are better than one when it comes to unraveling clues.

Alec and Gina head to the scenes of both crimes, the art room and the town museum. They begin searching for clues and collecting evidence, which looks a lot like snooping around! Author: Jill Santopolo

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  1. I like the Alec Flint books, but I can only find this one and the 2nd one! LOL! I already read them both a long time ago. Fourth or fifth grade? Anyway, they’re good and I reccament them to kids that think history is boring.

  2. Staff Recommend: Karen Perry, Franklin Road Library

    Fourth grader Alec Flint’s father is a police detective. In order to follow in his father’s footsteps as a sleuth-in-training, he must solve the disappearance of the Christopher Columbus collection that has been taken from the local museum. To further complicate things, a teacher appears to have gone missing. Gina, the new girl in class, helps Alec in hopes of becoming the detective’s assistant. This is the first book in the Alec Flint series.

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