Komodo Dragons NEW at the Indy Zoo

Komodo Dragons NEW at the Indy Zoo

The Komodo Dragon is the largest living species of lizard. These lizards can grow to be 6-10 feet long! The Komodo Dragon lives on islands in Indonesia. People in Indonesia call them “land crocodiles.”  Nothing on the islands preys on Komodo Dragons, so they can grow BIG and LONG. And if that isn’t impressive enough, they have teeth like sharks and poisonous spit! You can get an up close look at them all summer at the Indianapolis Zoo. (Keep your fingers out of the cage, though, OK?!)  The exhibit, called Dragons of Komodo, opens today, May 23, 2009 and will stay until September 7, 2009.

National Geographic/Denver Zoo Video:

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  1. WOW!!!! 🙂 I wish here at the nashville zoo we
    had a komodo dragon! All we have is the boring stuff!

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