Cracking Codes

Cracking Codes


If you want to really challenge yourself try out the CIA Break the Code website. You can choose from several code games to see if you qualify to be an ace code maker and breaker.

In the bonus book The Mysterious Benedict Society, the kids use morse code. Morse code is a code in which dots and dashes are used to represent the letters of the alphabet. The dots and dashes can be transmitted over a telegraph or even by turning a light on and off and the right intervals. Try out The Benedict Society’s morse code matching game and then if you think you’re REALLY good try CSS Sam Operation Dit Dah. THAT one is hard. If any of you can do it, let me know. I’ll be impressed.ciamorse


NSA CSS Sam Operation Dit Dah


Talk the Talk Word of the Day: Rat – A person that supplies information in exchange for money or favors.

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