DNA Fingerprinting

DNA Fingerprinting


DNA is found in the nucleus of cells. Our bodies are made of cells. Each person has a particular DNA in the nucleus of their cells. If you can get a sample of a person’s cells, like a hair or a drop of blood, you can see what their DNA looks like in a lab. A suspect’s DNA can be compared to DNA found at a crime scene.

In the game csi: Squeak Sneak, Fetch’s squeaky toy is missing. Look at the crime scene and collect evidence. Use DNA to finger the real culprit.


Now watch the Dragonfly TV Forensic Whodunnit Video: The Cake Caper. Somebody has tampered with a birthday party table. The investigators find fiber, saliva and fingerprint evidence at the crime scene, so they gather fiber, saliva and fingerprint samples from everyone they think is a suspect.  Watch them analyze the evidence using a forensics lab to help solve the mystery.

Want to know more about DNA and DNA Evidence? Try these books:

Blood and DNA Evidence Science Beats Crime Amazing DNA
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