In the Forensics Lab

In the Forensics Lab

josecriminologist_regIf you think you might like forensic science, you might like to take a look inside a crime lab or listen to someone who is a forensic scientist. Forensics are scientific tests that are used to solve mysteries. A forensic scientist might work in a lab or might go out to places where crimes are committed, the crime scene. Watch this video of Jose. He uses forensic science to solve mysteries. By testing physical evidence he identifies suspects or helps prove people innocent.

forensicslab_regTry this tutorial: TruTV Forensic Lab What’s Inside to get a brief explanation of what goes on in each area of a forensics lab. You will also see the equipment that is used and learn how science is used to help solve mysteries.

Now, take on online challenge. Follow a case from start to finish as it makes its way through various units of the FBI Laboratory. Every time you see the words, “How did they do that?” click on the link to read the details of how that unit processed the evidence. Website: FBI Investigates a Strange Flashlight

Forensic Books:

Bones Never Lie Forensics Club CSI: The Case of the Digital Deception Forensic Secrets Blood and DNA
Crime Lab Detectives Forensic Science How to be a Crime Scene Investigator CSI Expert Forensic Science Projects with a Crime Lab You Can Build
In the Laboratory
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