Listening Skills

Listening Skills

Listening skills are crucial when interviewing both witnesses and suspects. A detective needs to remember exactly what a person said. It also might be important to listen at the crime scene. Is there a lot of traffic at the crime scene? Can you hear barking dogs? Making note of the sounds at a crime scene might help you understand what a witness heard during the crime.

First, try these simple concentration games. The first one is like the classic concentration game. Instead of sounddetectives_regtrying to uncover two PICTURES that match, try to uncover two SOUNDS that match. Don’t be fooled by looking at the pictures. Only listen to the sounds. In the second game, play dominoes by matching SOUNDS, not counting the dots. Finally, take a listenting test with the Time Warp Trio. They need to be Sound Detectives to return stray sounds to their right time period.


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