Memory Skills

Memory Skills

Now that you have practiced observing and listening it’s time to master remembering all the things you have seen and heard. Noticing details doesn’t help much in an investigation if you can’t remember the details later! Let’s see how you do with these simple memory games:

Here are two more memory games that are just a bit harder:

  • Exploratorium: Common Cents This is a hard one! You will be asked to remember something that seems pretty easy – what a penny looks like. You’ll have to dig the details up from your memory bank though. Only one of the pennies is correct. Which one is it? Usually, people remember only enough about an object to recognize it, most people don’t store small details in their memory…if you did well on this test, you have an uncommonly good memory! A great skill for an Ace Detective! It took me about 10 tries to pick the correct penny. I wasn’t very good at that one!


  • Battle of the Badges In this one, look at three different id badges. You will have 30 seconds to memorize all the details you can about each badge. Then you will be shown a series of badges and you will need to decide if each badge is real or a fake.  It really is hard to keep track of several different details like: job title, name & badge color…all at once.




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