Collecting Evidence in Who Stole Uncle Sam?

Collecting Evidence in Who Stole Uncle Sam?

Who Stole Uncle Sam?Physical evidence is any object found at a crime scene that might be a clue to help figure out what happened…or who did it. You have to be very careful collecting evidence and keeping track of it. It’s very important to write down the date and time when you found the object and where you found it. It’s also important to wear gloves so that you don’t contaminate the evidence before a laboratory can run tests on it. For example, you wouldn’t want to get your own fingerprints on an object that might have the suspect’s fingerprints on it.

Print out copies of this evidence card to keep in your detective tool kit to help you keep track of the important things you find. Put the evidence, and the filled out evidence card, in a ziploc bag – that keeps the evidence dry and secure.

Print Undercover Readers Official Evidence Card

In Who Stole Uncle Sam? Alex’s baseball coach, Mr. Banner, enters a port-a-potty at the park to change into his Uncle Sam costume for an annual running event but fails to come back out again. The kids yell for him. Nothing. They finally decide to open the door. He’s gone!  How can someone disappear into thin air? Even stranger…the coach turns up later in the afternoon stumbling out of a different port-a-potty, dazed and confused. How did he get from one port-a-potty to the other? Why can’t he remember the time he was missing? Did someone do this on purpose? Alex and his friend Yasmeen investigate – including a stint in the police department’s evidence room sifting through a weekend’s worth of garbage collected from the park. Sometimes, detective work stinks! The evidence sure stinks but the lead they get from it doesn’t! Author: Martha Freeman

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Talk the Talk Word of the Day: Disguise – To change how you look so that you cannot be recognized.

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