Detective Tool Kit

Detective Tool Kit

If you want to be a detective you need to gather your tools together and learn some useful detecting techniques. Collecting the right tools is important so that you are ready whenever a mystery comes along or you feel the need to do some investigating. The first thing you need is something to easily carry all of your stuff in. A backpack is perfect for this. Your hands are free and you can run at a moments notice. Check around your house and see if you can collect some of these important tools:


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  1. When I was younger, I made my own ‘Crook Kit’ with my mom’s old Avon samples case. I also used two leftover eyeshadow compacts–one light color and one dark color and each with foam applicators–for fingerprint powder! Use dark powder on light surfaces and light powder on dark surfaces. Brush or blow away the powder then cover with clear Scotch tape. Peel away the tape and stick it on a white or black card that shows off the print the best.

    These days (vs the 70s) you can get wider tape and eyeshadow compacts with at least two contrasting shades and a brush. Plus if it has a mirror in it, you can signal or clandestinely observe, even around corners!

    You could maybe you could buy at Dollar Tree or maybe Big Sis or Mom have an old one that fits the bill, but ask first.

  2. I love playing detective, because that’s what I want to be when I grow up. It is very fun and educational. Not only are you having fun, but your brain is working to with all the clues you have to find, organization, finding out the crime, solving it and much more. This is fun and it gives you a challenge I recommend you to give this a try!!! =D

  3. This is very cool. Love the info. My child plays with the licence all the time. Even takes it to school

  4. Many children like to play detective role and they doing some cool things like finding clue by photography,taking measurements by measuring things etc and for that they need the detective tool kit so I also want to buy this toolkit for my children. Thanks for sharing this post.

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