Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate

Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate

Timothy and the Dragon's GateTimothy Freshwater, a cool smart-aleck with a bad attitude, purposely does things to annoy his teachers and his parents. His favorite word: “Whatever.” As the story opens, he has just been expelled from school…again. Too old for a babysitter and too much trouble to be left at home alone, Timothy goes to work with his Dad and finds himself put to work as an intern. There he meets the mail clerk, Mr. Shen…who is really a dragon in human form that is required to obey whoever owns a mystical dragon key. Timothy acquires the key and is suddenly hotly pursued by ninja assassins, pirates and other villains who want to own Mr. Shen for themselves. Timothy and Mr. Shen set out to do the impossible…travel to China so that Mr. Shen can get to the Dragon’s Gate in time to free himself from the curse of the dragon key. Non-stop action with attitude. And Timothy gets some unexpected help – the crew from Alex and  the Ironic Gentleman. If you haven’t read that one yet it’s another great adventure from Adrienne Kress.  Author: Adrienne Kress

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