Herculeah Jones and the Black Tower

Herculeah Jones and the Black Tower

Herculeah Jones and the Black TowerLionus Hunt is an elderly stroke victim that is confined to his bed. He can’t talk, but he can blink – once for yes, twice for no.  He can also listen, so Herculeah Jones has been visiting Mr. Hunt to read outloud. Mr. Hunt wants Herculeah to read the book “The Terror in Black Tower.” Oddly, Mr. Hunt’s creepy old mansion has a spooky tower too. In fact, neighbor  kids call “Hunt House,” “Haunt House” because it looks so scary. Creepy doesn’t bother Herculeah a bit, especially when she finds out that the house not only looks creepy, but has a mysterious, murderous past too.

The questions start to pile up when Mr. Hunt appears to be trying to tell Herculeah something important, but his gruff nurse won’t let her ask him any questions. What is it that Mr. Hunt is trying to tell Hurculeah? Does it have to do with the tower and the murder that happened there many years ago? Author: Betsy Byars

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