Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon InvestigationsYou want to be a detective? Uncover clues? Follow leads? Solve mysteries? I don’t blame you, being a detective can be really exciting. It can also be dangerous. Are you up for dangerous?

This summer you can learn everything you need to know to go from Rookie to Ace Detective. Visit this blog everyday to learn and practice a new detective skill. Then test those skills solving mysteries. Each day the blog will tell you about a new good book to read too!

If you are curious, like to ask why, are a good listener, pay attention to details, and can keep your cool…make yourself a Rookie ID and and come back everyday to build your skills. If you’re good, you just might become an Ace.

You could be like Fletcher Moon in Half Moon Investigations. Fletcher is a twelve-year-old private eye.  He’s not just your average wannabe…he has actually graduated from an internet detective course. Fletcher regularly takes on cases from his friends at school. When April Devereux, class pretty girl and “head of an entire tribe of Barbies” hires Fletcher to find out who took her lock of pop star’s hair that she bought on eBay, the case seems pretty easy. The clues lead Fletcher to the Sharkeys, a family of kid trouble -makers that are well known for their bad boy behavior.

As Fletcher continues his investigation, though, things begin looking fishy. In fact, Fletcher starts to suspect a conspiracy…April is not looking like the innocent victim. But before Fletcher can crack the case, he’s framed for a pretty serious crime himself. His only ally, one of the Sharkeys. Fletcher and Red Sharkey team up to clear their names and find the real guilty party. Will anybody listen to Fletcher and Red or are they presumed guilty despite the evidence? Author: Eoin (Pronounced “Owen”) Colfer

Talk the Talk Word of the Day: ACE – A person who is really skilled at what they do. An ace detective is a really good detective.

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  1. hi i luv to listen t mariah carey hehehe lol
    bt any wayz i need inf abt detectives cu z thtz wt i wnt to be

  2. um i am doing thiz 4 a project so yea i need like alot of info detectives so kan u hlp.

  3. Although I like the Artemis Fowl series a lot, this is actually my favorite Eoin Colfer book. It’s a fun mystery with interesting, believable characters. It’s especially fun to watch how the relationship between Fletcher and Red changes as the mystery unfolds. I’d love to see Colfer turn this into a series.

    Nice title to kick off Summer Reading.

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