Shakespeare’s Secret

Shakespeare’s Secret

Shakespeare's SecretHero is starting sixth grade in a new school. She’s used to it, the starting over, but being used to it doesn’t make it any easier. Having a weird first name doesn’t help either. On the first day of school when the teacher calls Hero’s name, somebody shouts out, “that’s my dog’s name,” which begins Hero’s downward slide into misery at school.

Things take a turn for the better when Hero meets her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Roth, who just happens to be friends with the cutest boy in the eighth grade, Danny Cordova. What Hero doesn’t know is that Mrs. Roth has a secret, a big secret. The secret is sparkly, large, can be made into jewelry…and is worth a fortune. The thing is, Mrs. Roth doesn’t know exactly where it is, all she has is a clue. Mrs. Roth decides that Hero and Danny are just the people to take the clue and launch an investigation of their own. But finding the diamond is only part of the mystery, because Mrs. Roth isn’t the only one with a secret, the diamond has one too. Author: Elise Broach

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