The Night Tourist

The Night Tourist

The Night Tourist

After being hit by a car, Jack discovers he can see people, people other people can’t see. The question is, who is real, and who is a ghost? While in New York City, Jack meets Euri, an adventurous, fun girl that is excited to show him the city’s sites. Jack soon discovers that Euri is a ghost who agrees to show him the sites of New York’s Underworld, the haunts and ghosts of those people who have died in New York.

Jack’s mother died in New York.

The possibility of seeing her again fuels Jack’s desire to learn all about Euri’s world of the dead.  Since Jack is alive touring the Underworld, is it possible for him to find his mother…and bring her back to the world of the living? And if Euri can come to the world of the living and find him, why can’t his mother and why doesn’t Euri go find her own family? Author: Katherine Marsh

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