Adam Canfield Watch Your Back

Adam Canfield Watch Your Back

Adam Canfield Watch Your Back We first met Adam Canfield in Adam Canfield of the Slash, and Adam’s still got a lot going on. He’s a good student, he plays sports and he is co-editor of his school’s newspaper, The Slash, with his friend Jennifer. In Adam Canfield Watch Your Back!, Adam becomes one of the stories he usually writes about. Happy about an unexpected snow day, Adam heads out to shovel snow to make some extra spending money. On his way home, he is mugged by some high school kids and his money is stolen. At school the next day, Adam, Jennifer, and their favorite reporter Phoebe decide to do a story exposing bullies and this time, people are naming names. And if that isn’t enough controversy, they also tackle the unfairness in the school’s science fair and a plan to bulldoze a poor African-American section in their town to build mansions for the rich. These kids are no fluff reporters. They take on serious topics and really try to be journalists who dig out the truth in every situation while trying to be fair to all the parties involved. And they’re funny. Two thumbs up. Author: Michael Winerip

Adam Canfield Series:

#1: Adam Canfield of the Slash on CD, eBook, eAudio
#2: Adam Canfield Watch Your Back on CD
#3: Adam Canfield The Last Reporter on CD

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