Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Chasing Lincoln's KillerYou probably already know that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while he watched a play at the Ford Theater and that the man who shot him was John Wilke’s Booth. Did you know, though, that Booth made a run for it? Did you know he had helpers? And some of them were women? This is the story of how the law tracked each of these people down. At the time of Lincoln’s death, there was no such thing as DNA fingerprinting or ballistics tests for firearms. The lawmen had to piece together what happened and who was involved by interviewing people, following hunches and figuring out who was telling the truth. I like history books that make history interesting by telling a story with real live characters in it. This book is like that.

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  1. what was the irony of this book. what was the tone. And define how the protagonist and the antagonist interact in the novel

  2. What the Tone in this book? Was their any irony in the novel? If their was what type of irony was it and tell me what the irony is. And my last question is, how did the protagonist and the antagonist interact in the novel?

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