Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex has a happy life living with her Uncle at the top of his doorknob shop. Happy except for school, that is. Alex doesn’t like wearing a uniform with a skirt. She thinks her teachers are old and smell funny.  The girls at her school are so concerned with how their hair looks they are ridiculous. Quite simply, Alex is bored out of her mind.

And then one day, everything changes.  Alex gets a new teacher at school, Mr. Underwood. Mr. Underwood is interesting and funny and he teaches the kids how to fence (fight with swords.) He also reveals to Alex and her uncle an old family secret that involves buried treasure and secret map.

When Mr. Underwood is kidnapped and held prisoner on the pirate ship the Ironic Gentleman, it is up to Alex to rescue him, and the family treasure map. Pursued by a band of evil old ladies and befriended by various interesting characters along the way, Alex fights her way to the sea and onto the docked Ironic Gentleman.

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