The World of Quest

The World of Quest

The World of Quest

Prince Nestor is used to being treated like, well, a prince. He bosses people around, he’s spoiled, he expects people to immediately do what he has asked them to do. But the Prince has a problem.  He knows about a magic daggar and some magic swords that are the key to ultimate power. His problem is that he needs to get to the swords before the evil Lord Spite gets to them.

The prince decides to seek out Quest, a former hero who has lived in seclusion for the last 20 years. Quest is smart, strong and experienced, but he is also retired. Quest is not interested in helping out, but when the prince is attacked right in front of him, Quest has no choice but to take action, and when he does, he gets caught up in the Prince’s adventures.

This is a really colorful and action packed comic book.  Quest and Nestor are both seriously stubborn – both are used to getting their own way. Quest kind of reminds me of Shrek – he’s roped into being a hero when he really just wants to be left alone.  Like Shrek, Quest is also sharp-witted and sarcastic. He continues to help Nestor, despite being constantly annoyed by him.

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