Author Spotlight: Jon Scieszka – Knucklehead

Author Spotlight: Jon Scieszka – Knucklehead


Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Mostly True Stories about Growing up Scieszka.  That’s right, Scieszka – Jon Scieszka, the guy who wrote The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, The Stinky Cheese Man and the Time Warp Trio books. Jon is also the very first National Ambassador for Young People’s LIterature.  It’s hard to believe he started out a knucklehead!

This is Jon’s story growing up with the other knuckleheads: Jim, Tom, Gregg, Brian and Jeff – his FIVE brothers. And their story is pretty funny. The boys fight, break furniture (and each other’s bones), blame each other, fight over the seat in the car by the window, and pretty much have a great time growing up. There are so many of them, Dad Scieszka doesn’t call them by name, he just refers to all of them as “knucklehead” or “you knuckleheads!” Author: Jon Scieszka

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  1. Staff Recommend: Britt Brown, The Learning Curve @ Central Library

    Where do authors get ideas for books like The Stinky Cheeseman, The Time Warp Trio books, and the new Trucktown series? Meet Jon Scieszka in his autobiography Knucklehead. Maybe his ideas came from all the strange things that happened growing up with five brothers. It’s hard to believe that Knucklehead is true. It looks like a comic book. The chapters are short. There are Knucklehead warnings “Do not try this at home or anywhere else.” But there are real family photographs, an actual report card, and even an x-ray of a broken bone. Maybe the best stories really are true!

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