Judy Moody Goes to College

Judy Moody Goes to College

Judy Moody Goes to College

Judy Moody’s having some trouble in math.  So much trouble that her teacher has suggested that she get a tutor and work on extra math outside of school. As if doing EXTRA math isn’t bad enough, Judy is sure that tutoring means baby flash cards and counting beads and jelly beans. What Judy doesn’t know is that she’s actually going to College. Her new tutor is a college student named Chloe.

Chloe is like no teacher Judy has every had.  She’s groovy! She’s fashionable! She knows how to make math fun!  Judy loves Chloe right away, when she can understand her…Judy learns math, and some college lingo too:

  • the bomb = the best
  • crucial = excellent!
  • for your 411 = information
  • peace out = good=bye
  • peeps = friends
  • so money = excellent
  • uber = way cool
  • wicked good = better than good

With Chloe’s help, Judy changes her bad mad-itude into a math-itude.

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  1. Judy moody goes to college is an exelent book! p.s one of my favirote.

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