Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star

Meet Ally. Ally lives in the middle of picturesque, but isolated Utah. Her family lives at least an hour’s drive from any town. They spend their time tending the campground and star watching. Ally loves her life that follows the patterns of campers and constellations as each pass through. But Ally’s parents have dropped a bombshell – this is the family’s last summer at the campground. After the upcoming, once in a lifetime solar eclipse, the family is moving to the city so that Ally and her brother can have friends and go to a regular school.

Now meet Bree. Bree loves the movies, the mall, fashion and her friend Claire. She has a summer job lined up at the mall, her outfits and accessories are color coordinated and ready to go. But then Bree’s parents drop a bombshell – the family is moving….to nowhere Utah to run a star gazer’s campground! They leave in just one week so that they can arrive in time to see a once in a lifetime solar eclipse.

Ally and Bree meet at the campground, one freaking out at the thought of leaving, the other freaking out at the thought of staying. The two forge an unlikely but necessary friendship. Bree needs to learn the chores at the campground. Ally needs to learn how to survive middle school.

Add in a few more campers to round out an unlikely but affective team of friends who find out that change can be a good thing, a very good thing. But it isn’t easy. Author: Wendy Mass

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  1. ummmm.
    fyi there is no Michael, David, Olivia and Dan. And Bree’s best friend is CLAIRE not Candice.

  2. 3rd fav book:) after the westing game by idk and east by Edith pattou!!!! But I’m confused. Where did it say ally lives in Utah? Who are Michael, David, Olivia, and Dan?? I thought it was jack Melanie Kenny and Ryan?? Plz explain! Thnks:)

  3. i love the book so far! what others do you have? what gave you the idea? ok right back!

    right back,

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