100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards

On one of their many trips abroad, Henry’s parents fail to return and Henry is sent to live with his Uncle Frank, Aunt Dotty and three cousins on their Kansas farm. At Uncle Frank’s, Henry discovers something new – people that care about him. He discovers good home cooking, riding in the back of a pickup trick and playing in the barn loft. He begins thinking that he just might get the chance to learn how to throw a baseball.

One night when Henry can’t sleep, he hears a thumping sound in the wall. A mouse? A squirrel? He decides to ignore the sound and go back to sleep. The next morning he wakes up with dust and bits of plaster in his hair. When he opens his eyes, he discovers two knobs poking through the wall, and one of them is slowly turning!

Henry picks at the plaster around the knobs and discovers a hidden door. He picks at some more plaster, and then more and more…until he uncovers 99 small doors of various sizes and shapes behind his bedroom wall. Through one door, he can smell the ocean and feel the ocean breeze. Through another he can peek inside a post office. One door that is completely dark, he is too afraid to open. The doors seem to lead to other places, 99 other places.

Henry and his cousin Henrietta set out to solve the mystery of the 99 cupboards…plus 1 more.  The two unravel a safely guarded family secret and unleash a magical power that hasn’t been heard from for years and years. And some magical powers, the world is better off without! Author: N.D. Wilson

100 Cupboards Series:

#1: 100 Cupboards on CDeBookeAudio
#2: Dandelion Fire on CDeBookeAudio
#3: The Chestnut King on CDeAudio


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  1. I love this book one of my friends told me about it and i fell in love with it i cant wait to read Dandelion Fire!

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