Catching the Moon StorylineLogo Watch Catching the Moon – A picture book biography highlighting a pivotal event in the childhood of African American baseball player Marcenia “Toni Stone” Lyle Alberga, the woman who broke baseball’s gender barrier by becoming the first female roster member of a professional Negro League team. Read by Kevin Costner & Jillian Estell. Printable Activity Guide

Addys Escape to Freedom American Girl Logo
Read Addy’s Escape to Freedom – Momma and Addy try a daring escape from slavery after Poppa and Sam are sold to another plantation owner. They need courage and faith to travel north to freedom. Can they overcome each challenge and gain that freedom? To find out, travel with them on their dangerous journey.

AARI Integrating Central High the Melba Pattillo Story Scholastic Logo
Read Integrating Central High: the Melba Pattillo Story – In September 1957, Melba Pattillo and eight other teenagers became the first African-American students to attend Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Read about Melba’s historic and often terrifying experience.

Harlem icdl
Read Harlem: a Poem – A poem celebrating the people, sights, and sounds of Harlem. Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book, 1998.

Martin Luther King Comic Book FOR Logo
Read The Martin Luther King Jr. Comic Book – The 1956 International Bilingual Dr Martin Luther King Jr Comic Book

Pathways to Freedom150 Maryland Public Television Logo
Read Pathways to Freedom – Travel back to the 1800s and become an eyewitness to history. You become a young slave who must make some important and life-changing decisions.

Rosa Parks150 Scholastic Logo
Read Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights – Rosa Parks, “The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement,” describes her pivotal role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and helps students understand the importance of every individual citizen in a democracy. Read through her story and then express how you would feel if you were in her situation.

Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. ReadingRainbow
Watch A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. – Read by LeVar Burton – Reading Rainbow Story Time. A biography of the Baptist minister and civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped American blacks win many battles for equal rights.

The Underground Railroad Scholastic Logo
Read The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery – Students will travel back to the year 1860 and follow a young slave as he flees a Kentucky plantation for Canada along the Underground Railroad. Along the way, they can read or listen to the runaway slave describe his terrifying journey from slavery to freedom. They’ll discover what life was like as a slave, encounter the dangers of the Underground Railroad, meet brave abolitionists who took great risks to help runaways, and compare life in the North and South.

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