The 39 Clues #2 One False Note

The 39 Clues #2 One False Note

One False Note

Having survived a fire, a bomb, and a sink hole, Dan and Amy Cahill and their nanny Nellie are still hot on the trail of the 39 clues. Clues they began to hunt down in The 39 Clues Book One: The Maze of Bones…clues that will eventually lead to unimaginable treasure!

There are six teams of Cahill relatives all trying to be the first to find all the clues. The relatives are ruthless double crossers all out for themselves. Most of them will stop at nothing, even murder, to continue their pursuit of the clues. So far, Dan and Amy have been able to stay a step ahead of even the worst threats against them.

In Book Two, the kids are headed to VIenna to follow up on a clue involving Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  (As if having Ben Franklin in the family wasn’t enough!) Pursuing the clues is never easy and this time, it’s not just the backstabbing relatives after them, it’s the police!

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