Staff Pick: City of Fire

Staff Pick: City of Fire

City of Fire

Twelve-year-old Scirye and her companions travel to Houlani, a new Hawaiian island created by magic, where they enlist the help of volcano goddess Pele in an attempt to stop an evil dragon and a mysterious man from altering the universe.

Scirye’s sister died preventing the theft of a great treasure. Now Scirye must go after the thieves, Mr. Roland and the evil dragon, Badik, to recover the treasure and avenge her sister’s death. Her companions are Bayang- a dragon, Leech- a boy with mysterious powers, and the secretive Koko. Together they find the thieves on a magical new Hawaiian island, and meet the volcano goddess Pele. This is the first book in the City trilogy.

Recommended by: Karen Perry – Franklin Road

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