Staff Pick: Daisy’s Defining Day

Staff Pick: Daisy’s Defining Day

Daisy’s Defining Day

When Miss Goldner teaches her class about alliteration, Daisy has a terrific time coming up with wonderful word combinations. Then someone calls her Lazy Daisy, and suddenly words are a problem. Daisy needs a new nickname!

Do you love to read? Always get A’s on your spelling test? Enjoy finding out about new words? Well so does Daisy. Daisy loves words and the definitions so much that she keeps lists of her favorite words. In Daisy’s Defining Day, by Sandra V. Feder, Daisy does not like being labeled as Lazy Daisy by a friend’s brother. In order to get people not to think of her as Lazy Daisy, Daisy and her best friend Emma come up with new names for themselves. Daisy’s new name is dazzling, but it is way too long and nobody can remember it. Can Daisy find the right name or will she forever be known as Lazy Daisy?

Recommended by: Spade’s Park

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