Staff Pick: A Medal for Leroy

Staff Pick: A Medal for Leroy

A Medal for Leroy

In World War II-era England, Michael learns about his black British Army soldier grandfather, a World War I officer who risked his life to save wounded men but who did not receive special commendations because of his race.

Michael grew up in London in the years after World War II. He never knew his father, Roy, who had been killed in the war. But he and his mother would often visit his father’s beloved aunts, who had raised Roy when he was too orphaned during an earlier world war. Michael liked Auntie Snowdrop better than Auntie Pish, and he loved their dog Jasper. What he didn’t like was that neither his mother nor his aunts ever seemed to want to talk to him about his dad. But one day, after his Auntie Snowdrop has died, Michael finds a letter from her explaining things about his father, himself and even his grandfather that not even his mother knew. His grandfather Leroy was a hero in World War I and had saved many soldiers, but because he was black, he had not received a medal or any recognition for his bravery. It is up to Michael to change that if he can.

This book was inspired by the true story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army.

Recommended by: Doriene Smither – East Washington

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