Staff Pick: Animal Superstars

Staff Pick: Animal Superstars

Animal Superstars

Presents the stories of three incredibly talented animals, including a motorcross daredevil dog, a groundhog weather wonder, and a rock star cat.

Here is a book from National Geographic that spotlights three “amazing” animals: a motorcycle dog, a groundhog weather wonder and a kitty rock star.  These are real-life stories about these talented animals and the humans that share the adventures that these animals experience.  There are color photographs, additional informational facts about each animal plus web resources.  If you like reading about animals, you might also like other National Geographic KIDS Chapters like Tiger in Trouble! by Kelly Milner Hall.  This is about animal rescues and the caring humans that helped these animals start a new life.  One more, is Dog Finds Lost Dolphins by Elizabeth Carney about animal heroes.  Animal lovers will enjoy all of these nonfiction chapter books.

Recommended by: Georgia Ellars –Eagle Branch


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