Staff Pick: Jane the Fox and Me

Staff Pick: Jane the Fox and Me

Jane the Fox and Me

Hélène is an outcast in her grade. Her only consolation is reading Jane Eyre. Even seeing a lovely foxdoesn’t make her feel better, but maybe a new friendship will.

Fanny Britt’s Jane, the Fox and Me is a lonely, lovely story, complemented by Isabelle Arsenault’s beautiful illustrations. Hélène, abandoned by her friends and now the punch line to their jokes, finds escape in books, especially Jane Eyre. A school camping trip and an unlikely encounter help Hélène change the way she sees herself, and rediscover what friendship looks like. Jane, the Fox and Me is a beautiful gem of a graphic novel-storybook, translated in perfect pitch and drawn tenderly to the touch with erased-out grayscale illustrations, paired with pops of meaningful color: a thoughtful friendship of prose and pictures.

Recommended by:  Leigh Thomas, Learning Curve @ Central Library


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  1. I love this book. The story is aching but not maudlin, and anyone who has ever felt they didn’t ‘fit in’ will resonate with Helene. And, it inspired me to re-read Jane Eyre 🙂

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