STORM The Infinity Code

STORM The Infinity Code

STORM The Infinity Code

STORM (Society to Over-Rule Misery) is a group of kids brought together by 14 year-old Andrew, a computer genius and software designing multimillionaire. Andrew’s vision is for STORM to use science & technology to make the world a better place…even though the members are all kids. Andrew has recruited Will, an inventor whose specialty is cutting-edge gadgets, Gaia, a brilliant chemist who speaks several different languages, and Caspian, a brilliant astro physicist.

With the latest computer technology at their fingertips, the kids uncover a plan that involves the building of a top secret weapon. Who is building it, and why? Using their brains, their gadgets and their trust in each other, the kids race to find and dismantle the weapon while trying to figure out who is behind the sinister plot.

The author, E.L. Young, a science writer for New Scientist magazine, puts a lot high-tech gadgetry in the story. What’s interesting is that she bases these gadgets on genuine research, inventions & patents. At the end of the book she explains the science and gadgets she has used in STORM. It’s hard to believe some of the things are actually real!

The author says “I wanted to write an exciting story about characters that might in other circumstances be dismissed as nerds. Science isn’t often seen as particularly glamorous. And yet it’s transforming lives all the time, and the biggest threats facing the world today—climate change, water shortages, bio-terror attacks, and so on—need scientific heroes to overcome them.” Author: E.L. Young

If you are a fan of Alex Rider, Artemis Fowl, or H.I.V.E. – give STORM a try. The STORM kids also appear in STORM The Ghost Machine.

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