Read Right Now! Dinosaurs

Read Right Now! Dinosaurs

Read Right Now! Free Dinosaur eBooks!

DinoMeet WeGiveBooksSmall Read Meet the Dinosaurs – Small dinosaurs, huge dinosaurs, clever dinosaurs – which do you like best? Discover the dinosaurs’ lost world and share a wonderful adventure with young readers. (DK Readers Pre-Level 1)

DinoDig WeGiveBooksSmall Read The Dinosaur Dig – Travel to the Sahara Desert with Josh Smith, real-life archeologist, as he and his crew of intrepid dinosaur hunters face fierce sandstorms and, finally, the joy of discovering a new species of dinosaur!

DinoDetectives WeGiveBooksSmall Read Dinosaur Detectives – This introduction to paleontology weaves together facts about fossil hunting with fictionalized first-person accounts from dinosaur detectives.


Hadrosuarus Duckbills and Boneheads Dinosaur Fossils Scaly, Spotted Feathered Frilled
You Can Draw Dinosaurs How to Draw Incredible Dinosaurs Origami Dinosaurs Let's Rock Origami


Hadrosaurus2 InsideOut Timeline
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