Staff Pick: Tua and the Elephant

Staff Pick: Tua and the Elephant

Tua and the Elephant

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, nine-year-old Tua releases an abused elephant from its chains–can she complete the rescue by getting it to an elephant refuge without being caught herself?

Imagine rescuing an Elephant from cruel owners. What next? Where can you hide an elephant? Where can an elephant be safe and live a happy life? In Thailand, where Tua lives the safe place is an elephant sanctuary, and the hiding place is her Auntie Orchid’s house. The mission is serious, but there are plenty of laughs along the way. Imagine hiding Pohn Pohn the elephant in a house; now imagine trying to turn Pohn Pohn around to get out of the house. LOL. With the cruel mahouts (that’s the name of an elephant trainer) in hot pursuit, Tua and Pohn Pohn have an adventure, meeting many sweet and funny characters on their journey, ending with a home for more than just Pohn Pohn at the elephant sanctuary. Learn things you never knew about elephants and enjoy an adventure with plenty of fun thrown it.

Recommended by: Barb Obergfell, Outreach Services

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