Ramona and Her Father

Ramona and Her Father

Ramona and her Father

Ramona’s life is going along really well, until one day when her parents are acting a little strange. Ramona and her sister overhear an odd conversation. “…mother and father were no longer talking. Silence filled the house. …There was something unnatural about this silence. Uneasy, they waited for some sound, and then their parents began to speak in whispers.” Ramona knows that whispering is not a good sign. It turns out that Ramona’s Dad has lost his job.

Ramona, being Ramona, has some big ideas – like earning a million dollars by being in a television commercial. For his part, Ramona’s Dad  takes a job he really doesn’t like. When that doesn’t work he goes back to school, but then can’t find the job he’s looking for. Eventually, he takes a job as a grocery store manager, which isn’t perfect, but good enough.

When Ramona asks him when they will be a happy family again, he tells her they already are a happy family, that sometimes challenging things happen, even in a happy family like theirs. He is a great lesson for Ramona, and for us. Sometimes things aren’t perfect, but they are good enough. And if you look real hard, you can always start a new list of good things – different things, but still good things. Author: Beverly Cleary

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

You probably remember reading Mike Mulligan when you were younger – he’s a perfect story to think about if you are looking at a big change. Mike and Maryann lose their job digging. They move from the city to the country to find a job…and eventually take on an entirely different kind of job…but they are all happy just the same. Mike and Maryann find new friends and a new home. Author: Virginia Burton

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