Staff Pick: The Little Secret

Staff Pick: The Little Secret

The Little Secret

When she is invited to her new friend’s home for summer vacation, eleven-year-old Jane discovers that Staffa and her family are not what they seem to be. Author: Shane Peacock

Evil queens, kindly princes, and best friends are what you will find in this book. A story to lose yourself in a magical world that needs the help of a not so ordinary girl. What would you do if your new best friend turns out to be from a magical realm? And she has just tricked you into leaving your home so you might help save her world from an evil queen . Would you stay and help or demand to be returned to your family? If you stay it will be dangerous and you might never get back. If you leave your new best friend, your first truly best friend, will surely see her world destroyed and loved ones lost forever.

Recommended By: Barbara Obergfell – Outreach Services

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