Staff Picks: Step Inside! A Look Inside Animal Homes

Staff Picks: Step Inside! A Look Inside Animal Homes

Using rhyming text, explores the homes of various animals, including spiders, moles, warthogs, and tree frogs, and describes how the animals use these homes for protection or for hunting food. Author: Catherine Ham

Animals are awesome, but let’s face it; there are a bazillion animal books out there. Emilie, you ask, why should I read this one? (Let’s pretend you asked that.) This book is different. It’s about animal homes. Not only that, there are incredible pictures of the animals in their homes. Also, the book rhymes. Did you know the spittlebug (I didn’t even know there was a spittlebug) makes his house from his spit? It looks like bubble wrap. There are ants that build enormous nests high up in trees. Do you know what a warthog home looks like? You will if you read this book!

Recommended by: Emilie Lynn – East 38th Street Branch

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  1. Good thing you write these kind of books. It’s very informative to kids who love to read animal books and stories.

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