Staff Pick: Soft Rain

Staff Pick: Soft Rain

Soft Rain, a nine-year-old Cherokee girl, is forced to relocate, along with her family, from North Carolina to the West. Author: Cornelia Cornelisson

Imagine going to your school one day and being told that there will be no more school for you and your Cherokee classmates. Imagine being forced by soldiers to leave your home with your mother and walk to another state to live. Imagine not being able to take your grandmother along because she is blind. This is the situation that nine-year-old Soft Rain faces strengthened by the stories she remembers. How would you handle it? Join her and walk with her for a time on the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

Recommended by: Tamara Baumgartner – Lawrence Branch

Here are some books about The Trail of Tears:

The Trail of Tears Why Did Cherokees Move West? Nellie the Brave The Journal of Jesse Smoke
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