Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper

Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper

The StonekeeperA car accident has left Emily and Navin without a father. In an effort to start fresh and ease financial pressure, the kids’ mom moves them all to a new city to a mysterious old house that has been in their family for many years. It is the home of their Great Grandpa Silas, a man who locked himself up in the house many years ago…and was never seen again. (Can you say haunted?)

Inside the house the kids find blueprints and interesting looking machines…robot looking machines. On their first night, with the power out and unusual noises coming from the basement, the kids’ mom ventures into the basement to find out what is making such a racket. “Ill be back quickly. I promise.” Huh. Famous last words.

When their mother does not return quickly, Navin and Emily follow her into the basement and are lead into a new world that includes a tentacled creature that his kidnapped their mom. To get her back, the kids team up with some of Great Grandpa Silas’s creations – the robots Miskit, Morrie and Cogsley. Annnd, they have at their disposal a house built by Grandpa Silas…a house that is in fact a transformer. It can transform into a giant robot and move on their command!

The Stonekeeper is the beginning of a great adventure story pitting good against evil – using their wits, relying on their new friends and learning how to use Grandpa Silas’s eccentric and imaginative mechanical creations is all part of the fun. Author: Kazu Kibuishi

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  1. The one and only thing I was wondering was why was Trellis trying to kill his father

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