Staff Pick: Armel’s Revenge

Staff Pick: Armel’s Revenge

Armel's Revenge

Christophe, a Rwandan refugee in England, is entrusted with looking after Armel, a new boy in class, but Christophe soon discovers that Armel’s hostility stems from a tragedy that occurred in the country they once called home. Author: Nicki Cornwell

Beware of the poison of the past, try not to get infected (Cornwall 53),” is a prevailing theme of Armel`s Revenge by Nicki Cornwall. Christophe experienced the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda when he was too young to understand it. He and his family sought asylum in Great Britain and tried to forget the past. The painful memories lie in the shadows of his mind until a new student arrives who has his own demons to fight and sees Christophe as the enemy. How will he deal with it and what will he learn about his past?

Recommended by: Lindsey Haddix, Nora Branch Library

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