Julian Rodriguez: Episode One Trash Crisis on Earth

Julian Rodriguez: Episode One Trash Crisis on Earth

Trash Crisis on Earth

Julian Rodriguez has had it with his mission on earth. “Outrageous! That is the only word that can possibly describe the treatment I have received on this pathetic little planet!…For eight long years I have been disguised as an Earth juvenile. I have never complained, despite the mistreatment, deprivation, insults, and disrespect I have endured at the hands of these primitive life-forms. But this is the last straw!” Yes, he just can’t stand another day of standardized tests, carrot stick snacks and no cartoons. This time, his maternal unit (mother) has gone too far. She has actually insisted that he “dispose of a large canister filled with humanoid refuse.”  Yes, now she’s really done it, his spaceman temper is really hot – she’s demanded that he take out the trash! If you’ve ever felt mistreated, overworked, and direspected, Julian knows what you mean. And in the end, he’ll make you laugh so much you forget about it! Author: Alexander Stadler

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  1. The library does have CDs people can borrow to listen to books. We also have downloadable audiobooks that you put on your MP3 player. If you type in the title of a book in the catalog, a CD or audiobook will come up in the results if we have one.

    The blog posts sometimes include an audio clip – that’s just a piece of the book that someone is reading aloud.

  2. u need to start having a publishing team where they can read this in sounds cause some kids are blind and they cant read the book so you guys should put a team of people where you guys read it to them or on which ever and what ever book anybody types in.

  3. If you are into comics but want one that is for older kids, try Amulet Book One: The Stonekeeper or Into the Volcano or Amelia Rules. All of those are talked about in the blog – click on the tag “comic book.”

  4. This book seems interesting,but kind of kidddish.
    People that are in to comics and other stuff like that, should read this book. This is probably good for an 5-10 year old, if any. Some teens may want to read it too, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t read it, but that’s just my opinion.

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